FBT offices rally in support after Hurricanes Harvey, Maria, and Irma

When Frost Brown Todd (FBT) paralegal Anamar Naish heard news that Hurricane Maria had laid waste to Puerto Rico, she was heartsick and panicked. She had family and friends there. And with the power grid overrun, and 18,000 miles separating her from loved ones, she had no way of knowing if they were safe and whether she was in a position to help. That initial panic was soon replaced by a desire to act. With the help of co-founder Adrianna Lebron-Garcia, Anamar created Cincinnati for Puerto Rico, which began as a Facebook page but quickly gained traction around the city.

Calls for donations and supplies went out immediately on social media and were met with a robust outpouring of support, with drop-off locations around the city, including our Cincinnati office. Working with other organizations, Cincinnati for Puerto Rico soon hosted a telethon that netted over $30,000 and a food drive that resulted in 150,000 protein-dense meals being packaged for delivery to Puerto Rico. Also in transit currently to Puerto Rico are some 122,000lbs of donated goods—generators, clothing, drinking water and water-filtration systems—all thanks to Anamar’s successful partnerships with the General Empowerment Mission, B Strong, Chik-fil-A, WCPO, and A Child’s Hope International. For the moment, as the need for supplies persists, Cincinnati for Puerto Rico, now a registered nonprofit, is channeling its resources into helping two children’s’ hospitals.

In addition to Anamar’s humanitarian work, nearly every FBT office rallied to support victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Maria and Irma. In Nashville, for instance, a city that underwent its own massive flooding in the late aughts, FBT employees collected needed supplies and hosted a “bucket stuffing” event, after which they sent numerous cleaning kits to Houston and surrounding areas.  Around the same time, FBT Florence partnered with Central Bank to collect food and other essentials to be delivered to Texas. These and so many other examples of our staff’s largesse are what makes the work we do inseparable from the communities we serve.