FBT welcomes 22 law students

Every summer, FBT welcomes a number of law students who have been identified as suitable candidates for the firm’s Summer Associate Program. Summer associates are given the opportunity to have direct involvement in client matters and projects for a hands-on and practical experience. They attend depositions, trials, appellate arguments, arbitrations, mediations, closings, and witness preparation sessions, and are also given the chance to tour both the state and federal courts.

Throughout the year, FBT attorneys visit a wide range of law schools and accept resumes from an even larger number of schools to seek out individuals who have the potential for outstanding legal careers, and can deliver meaningful contributions to the firm, our clients and the community. Once accepted into the program, each summer associate is assigned a mentor at the firm who can answer questions relating to everything from office practices and specific work assignments, to balancing family and work. In addition to the opportunity to get valuable work experience, the summer associates are invited to a variety of social events throughout the summer to form lasting relationships with our attorneys and staff, and to get to know the culture of the firm. FBT’s Summer Associate Program plays a vital part in the firm’s overall recruiting efforts.