Diversity and Inclusion Scholarships at Frost Brown Todd

FBT Intellectual Property Diversity Scholarship Fund

Increased volumes of patent filings and more sophisticated intellectual property transactions suggest a promising market for future patent lawyers. Additionally, the patent field is one which has not seen the full benefit of the diversity being seen in law school classes. To boost interest in this niche of law and to encourage students into the practice area, Frost Brown Todd LLC announces the FBT Intellectual Property Diversity Scholarship Fund.  As part of the firm’s continuous efforts and strong commitment towards diversity in the workplace, the scholarship is geared toward students in their final year of undergraduate or graduate technical programs in technical fields, such as science or engineering, who will be attending law school, as well as first and second year law students with technical backgrounds.  Scholarships of up to $5,000 will be awarded.

The FBT Intellectual Property Diversity Scholarship is intended to assist students financially with fees for books, LSAT classes or applications fees for law school, or the bar review or bar exam.  The scholarship application form is available here.

Diversity Scholarship Fund

The Frost Brown Todd Diversity Scholarship Fund is one of many unique ways the firm promotes building a pipeline of diverse attorneys in our local legal community. It aims to support diverse students in their education or exploration of law.

The fund consists of approximately $8,000 and is replenished at the start of each fiscal year. The firm encourages bright and diverse law students, deserving of financial assistance with their education, to apply. Nominations from firm attorneys and staff are also welcome.

The FBT Diversity Scholarship Subcommittee administers the fund on a rolling basis throughout the year. Nominations and applications must include:

(1)  a written statement from the student describing the reason(s) why he or she deserves a scholarship;

(2) a specific dollar request for a specific need related to education; and

(3) a brief written statement by the nominator describing how he or she knows the student and why the students should be granted a scholarship.

The application should be sent to Kim Amrine, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, via email at kamrine@fbtlaw.com. After submission, the request will be forwarded to the subcommittee, who will review whether the student shall receive a full or partial scholarship, if any.

Typical requests range between $300 and $1,000. The subcommittee will consider requests for more than $1,000 if the written statement reflects a substantial and compelling need.

For questions about the fund, please contact Kim Amrine or committee member, Justin Fowles (jfowles@fbtlaw.com).