Our Vision and its Impact

Richard L.  Moore

Richard L. Moore

Prior to joining the firm, I was always impressed with the firm’s support of diversity efforts. Since joining the firm, I am even more impressed with the view from the inside.

Carla   De La Barra Helstrom

Carla De La Barra Helstrom

"Without maintaining a diverse  group of attorneys, no firm can develop business in the ever- changing economic world. As a native Spanish-speaker, I am able to help the firm meet unique client needs."

Mekesha H.  Montgomery

Mekesha H. Montgomery

I am literally an example of “diversity in motion.”  When family obligations made it necessary for me to transfer offices, the firm was behind me 100% -- twice! 

LaQuita S.  Wornor

LaQuita S. Wornor

“I have the opportunity to work with people who come from different cultural, social, racial, and economic backgrounds. Our experiences enhance our ability to provide service to our clients who also employ diverse workforces.”

Geoffrey M.  White

Geoffrey M. White

One of the most satisfying aspects of my job is serving as a co-chair of our Diversity Scholarship Subcommittee. We have been able to help with the educational needs for a number of students that are a part of the Frost Brown Todd family.

Vision Statement

Frost Brown Todd is committed to making diversity and inclusion a permanent part of the culture of the firm. The firm will strive to create and maintain an inclusive environment in which every person has not only an equal opportunity to succeed, but is provided with appropriate support to help him or her realize that opportunity. We will promote the recruitment, community involvement and professional advancement of a diverse and inclusive team.

Our goal is simple. We will be recognized by everyone at Frost Brown Todd and by our peers and other meaningful organizations within the legal industry as having the most inclusive environment in our respective markets. The firm's success in these efforts will require the commitment of the firm’s leadership and management as well as every lawyer and administrator in the firm. Each of these individuals will be charged with, and held accountable for, helping the firm to achieve this goal.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion must be put into action each day. Our program is constantly evolving to build a more vibrant and creative law firm for our employees, our clients and communities. And, our actions are having an impact on our people. They have shared, in personal interviews, how the firm's commitment to inclusion has impacted them. Download our Diversity Report here.

Perhaps the strongest statement we’ve made about our commitment to diversity has been in creating a Director of Diversity and Inclusion position at the firm — making a single person responsible for driving our efforts and to ensure it is given the full attention and resources needed. Our Director of Diversity and Inclusion is a member of the firm with no billable hour requirement.  Read more about our Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Kim Amrine.

As a law firm, diversity and inclusion help us to better serve our clients with premium legal counsel and thought leadership. And, that only happens when we provide them with the best legal talent and diverse viewpoints. We are pleased that our diverse lawyers span many departments, practice areas and specialties. 

Our focus on inclusion extends beyond the firm. It includes partnering with our clients on unique programs to help them achieve their goals. It includes leading the way on numerous pipeline programs as well as investing in regional and national initiatives in our communities and beyond.

What People Are Saying

“Frost Brown Todd has a genuine commitment to diversity, and their hard work is making a difference internally and externally. Their support of the Business Diversity Network of Kentucky helps members attract and retain diverse talent and, in turn, deliver even stronger diversity and inclusion results. Additionally, FBT’s high profile women’s programs and their work in the Hispanic community make them leaders throughout our region and beyond.” Terrian Barnes —Yum! Global Diversity and Inclusion Officer 

“Withrow High School in Cincinnati hasn’t had the funds to buy books for their library or the computers to properly prepare their students for college.   Enter Frost Brown Todd as the new sponsor of the library!  We will be installing and maintaining 60 PCs for the students to use in the library.   The school will provide a moderator to oversee the PCs when they are in use and FBT technicians will visit periodically to make repairs.  Withrow is an inspiring place and we look forward to doing what we can to bring technology to their students.”  Paul Bromwell – Chief Information Officer, Frost Brown Todd

“As a minority small business owner with limited resources, my company has been given the opportunity to not only benefit from Frost Brown Todd’s pro bono services  but to do business with the firm. We have always been treated with great respect and acknowledged as a business no different than any other. The opportunities that have been provided to us through FBT have not only helped our company but will allow Edible Dreams LLC to provide jobs for those in the community in the food service industry.” Matina Thomas — Owner, Edible Dreams Catering LLC on FBT’s pro bono services 

“Frost Brown Todd has had a significant impact on my development since the beginning of my college career. During my internships, their attorneys took the time to shape who I am today and find my true passion for law. I am very happy they were able to contribute to the attorney I will one day become.” Eric Cordera Cook — Law Student, Indiana University Maurer School of Law, Bloomington

Program Accomplishments

Recognizing annually two FBT attorneys that exemplify our goals at championing diverse lawyers and making a difference in our communities with our FBT Diversity and Inclusion Award