Court Awards Zero Damages in Favor of the Defense

Client: Trover Clinic Foundation, Inc.
Open date: February 21, 2007
Close date: October 1, 2008
Matter number: 0542454
Case citation: 06-CI-1033
Monetary value: 120000
Jury trial: Yes

Laura Uzzle v. Regional Medical Center, et al.

Plaintiff claimed discrimination under the Americans With Disability Act seeking damages for her termination allegedly due to a longstanding disability related to her back. Trover denied discrimination on the basis that termination was due to employee misconduct in failure or refusal to comply with remedial measures related to inability to get along with co-workers and follow direction of supervisors, as well as direct threats of violence to supervisors.  Case tried by a jury resulting in a defense verdict.


 $0, complete defense verdict.