Affiliates & Subsidiaries

Frost Brown Todd is in the business of making things happen. That's why we continually develop resources that help us meet the challenges our clients entrust to us every day. The following is a list of affiliated companies and organizations with whom we work to enhance the services we offer.

BlackLine Payments Advisors LLC

BlackLine Payments Advisors LLC is an electronic payments consulting firm with the industry's most holistic set of skills under one roof. Comprised of experienced payments professionals and licensed attorneys, the firm helps clients navigate the complex and ever-changing payments landscape. For more information, contact Josh Rosenblatt or visit

CivicPoint LLC

CivicPoint is a full-service government relations firm. Our influence is unique, spanning a six-state footprint of mid-America, including Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Virginia and West Virginia.

And while our strategies are custom-fit—from coalition-building to lobbying to grassroots campaigning—our priority is always the same:  To help you build and invest political capital to achieve your goals.  With former journalists, attorneys, elected officials, legislative staff members and leading campaign strategists on our bi-partisan roster, we offer well-rounded, solution-focused guidance. 

For more information regarding CivicPoint contact Tom Lee or visit

FBT/TrBK Distress Indices

The FBT/TrBK Distress Indices© are published by FBT Financial Indices, LLC, a subsidiary of Frost Brown Todd LLC, in conjunction with the bankruptcy information provider  

The indices are research indices intended for informational and educational use only. Data is provided exclusively by the bankruptcy service, and the Indices are prepared with assistance from CBIZ Valuation Group, LLC.  As research indices, the FBT/TrBK Distress Indices are subject to restatement for up to two years.  Pursuant to statistical precision analyses, the bankruptcy data used to generate the Indices is calculated to be accurate to at least a +/- 6% margin of error at a 95% confidence level.

The Indices are published quarterly, generally within 45 days after the end of each calendar quarter, and are overseen by an Index Advisory Committee. The indices are edited by Bobby Guy and Robert Dempsey, with assistance from contributing authors Ronald Gold (Real Estate Distress Research Index), Douglas Lutz (Chapter 11 Distress Research Index), and members of the Mergers & Acquisitions, Real Estate, and Bankruptcy & Restructuring teams at Frost Brown Todd.  

For more information on the FBT/TrBK Financial Indices, visit or contact Bobby Guy at 615-251-5557 or

State Law Resources, Inc.

State Law Resources, Inc., is an international network of independent law firms.  Frost Brown Todd has been a member of the network for many years, and our attorneys are active participants.  In the U.S., State Law Resources has one firm from each state and the District of Columbia. Firms are selected for their experience in government relations and administrative and regulatory law at the state and national level. 

The network helps businesses, trade associations and public policy coalitions navigate the complex and time-consuming process of managing both legal issues and state government relations. The mission of State Law Resources is to provide a network that allows members to serve their clients in the U.S. and worldwide; interact for the purpose of facilitating client referrals; enhance value of service to clients of members; and develop new clients and new business for members.  State Law Resource members maintain strict standards of discretion and client confidentiality. 

For more information regarding State Law Resources please contact Kevin Murray.

FBT Asset Exchanges LLC

FBT Asset Exchanges LLC is a new ancillary business for Frost Brown Todd.  It assists clients and potential clients in buying and selling their business assets by deferring income taxes (otherwise known as an “Exchange”) and to increase their cash flow to promote growth and profitability.  Frost Brown Todd has entered into a business alliance with a company that has incorporated recent software advances to overcome existing market obstacles that prevent approximately 95% of companies from exchanging business assets that they regularly buy and sell.  The service provides a medium through which taxable gains from the sale of business or investment assets can be deferred by reinvesting the sale proceeds in similar replacement assets.

Ideal transactions for asset exchanges include equipment of all types, real estate, intellectual property and collectibles and precious metals.

For more information, please contact Dick Erickson or Chris Habel, or visit the website of Strategic Property Exchanges, LLC.

New Markets Tax Credit Group: Finding Avenues to Grow Markets and Communities

Seeking to expand on a long history of community service and capitalizing on the backgrounds and abilities of many corporate lawyers, Frost Brown Todd's New Markets Tax Credit group (NMTC) advises Community Development Entities (CDEs), investors and other companies interested in participating in the NMTC program. Our team of lawyers will advise you and advocate on your behalf regarding the regulatory, tax, corporate, securities and other issues related to organizing and operating CDEs and making or receiving an NMTC investment.

For more information, please contact Ted King.

Multi-State Title Agency, Ltd.

Multi-State Title Agency, Ltd. is an ancillary and related real estate title and related services business wholly owned and operated by Frost Brown Todd. Multi-State is authorized to issue title insurance directly in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Florida, West Virginia and Tennessee. It is a local and regional agent for Chicago Title Insurance Company, First American Title Insurance Company, Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company, Lawyer's Title Insurance Corporation and Stewart Title Guaranty Company. It also has a national agency contract with First American Title Insurance Company that enables it to provide title insurance policies and services throughout the United States.

For more information, please contact Reid Lemasters or Mary Ann Schenk. Or, visit the Multi-State Title Agency website.


As a member of MULTILAW, Frost Brown Todd has strategic alliances with over 6,000 attorneys around the globe. This network brings together like-minded firms with the highest standards of client service to enable us to serve clients seamlessly, promptly, in English, from any geographic location. In addition to the broad reaching network this affords our clients, we work with a strong group of firms in virtually all countries and have built trusting relationships to ensure effective service on matters of all types throughout the world.