The opportunity to serve the communities in which we work and play is one of the greatest benefits of our profession. Individually and collectively, we seek to improve the quality of life throughout our communities. Attorneys and staff are free to determine the organizations and causes they wish to support and the nature of their support. As such, a firm of our size participates in a diverse range of organizations and causes. The following is a list of just a few of the organizations we are involved with.

Our Involvement:

Pro Bono Legal Services

Frost Brown Todd is committed to providing pro bono legal services to individuals and organizations of limited financial means.   These services are generally available through the following groups:

In 2014, Frost Brown Todd lawyers provided over 3,588 hours of pro bono legal services to clients in need.  Our Louisville office was awarded the 2011 Outstanding Law Firm award for pro bono work from the Legal Aid Society.  In Cincinnati, our lawyers committed to taking 40 cases per year from the Volunteer Lawyer Program.  These cases run the gamut in terms of legal problems our lawyers strive to solve for our pro bono clients.  In Louisville, our lawyers agreed to represent victims of domestic violence in hearings for protective orders.  This project is aimed at correcting the problem of unrepresented victims seeking protective orders from violent offenders.  In Indianapolis, our attorneys volunteered for the Indianapolis Bar Association's Ask a Lawyer program, which provides free legal advice as a service to the community.