Who Let the Dogs In? 6 Tips for a Canine-Friendly Workplace

October 9, 2014 By Sarah Whitman
The Creative Group

Allowing dogs in the office is an increasingly popular perk offered by creative firms. Here are six things to consider if you want to maintain a safe and happy dog-friendly domain.

Take Your Dog to Work Day (June 20) may have come and gone, but some creative organizations are embracing this perk year-round. Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University found that having dogs at work increases job satisfaction, lowers stress and boosts employee loyalty. Dogs also force employees to take much-needed breaks to keep their bodies healthy and the creative juices flowing. Plus, the perk alleviates the guilt many dog owners feel about leaving their four-legged friends at home all day.

Employees at Barefoot Proximity, a Cincinnati-based ad agency, can reap the benefits of interacting with their canine companions 24/7 thanks to its dog-friendly office environment, where six to eight dogs work alongside 100 people on any given day. "Having dogs in the office sets a fun, casual tone and stimulates connections between people," says Julie Hanser, director of talent development. "I also like to think that our furry friends serve as a reminder of the importance of play and being fully present, attentive and loyal."

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