Morris: Indianapolis Mayor Hogsett to be in hot seat at ILAS roast

August 9, 2017 By Greg Morris
The Indiana Lawyer

I want to let you know about a fun evening coming up on Oct. 6 at the Crane Bay Event Center. Like last year, when famed Indianapolis attorney Jim Voyles was roasted to benefit Indianapolis Legal Aid Society, Indy Mayor Joe Hogsett is stepping up this year to take the heat for the same great cause. You’re a brave man, Mayor!

The event, “Ignite the Night, part deux” will feature a few of Hogsett’s friends, along with some celebrities, dignitaries and surprise guests. Each will get a turn to deliver good-natured insults to the mayor. I don’t expect any softballs tossed at this outing; it’s a contact sport. Of course, when the celebs are done, the mayor will get his opportunity to be a rebuttal witness and offer the same treatment back to his roasters.

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