Nationwide Release of 'The Identical'

Frost Brown Todd attorney credited as associate producer

September 5, 2014

Kelly Frey, Frost Brown Todd attorney and Nashville Film Festival President, is credited as associate producer of “The Identical,” to be released in some 2000 theaters nationwide today.

Frey’s involvement in “The Identical” began while the movie was just a dream.  “Four years ago, I met the Marcellino family at the Nashville Film Festival. They had a dream of producing an indie film – a dream that evolved over time to become the national release of ‘The Identical.’ They have stayed true to their vision, enlisting an A-list cast and crew, and handling the marketing on their own. This is really a hometown boy success story,” says Frey.

The movie was filmed in Tennessee and won the Southwest Airlines Audience Award at this year’s Nashville Film Festival. The cast and crew just returned from the national premier at the School of Visual Arts in New York.  Frey’s role as legal counsel for the production was to help structure the project to maximize the economic return, get state film incentives (which, in Tennessee can be as much as 25% for a project), help in the development and distribution phases, and to assist the producers in obtaining industry standard business terms or better. 

Frey represents many other indie film and media companies in Nashville, and has written award winning screenplays and even acted in short films himself. When a producer approaches him with a problem, he understands the practical as well as the legal issues, something that earned him credit as both associate producer and legal consultant for “The Identical.” Frey noted that: “Knowing and being actively involved in the industry is extremely helpful – you can’t learn all of the practical things about making a movie sitting in a law office. I love film and I love the law, so this is a natural fit.”

In addition to his work in the entertainment industry, Frey counsels clients in the technology sector. He is one of less than 10 attorneys in private practice to be named a Fellow in the World Technology Network. He is also the author of Frey on Technology Transactions and a number of other books and articles on technology and law.  But his passion remains film production and broadcasting. “Working as a lawyer in this industry never gets dull, especially when you have a passion for the arts,” says Frey.