Cold Cleaners in Butler, Clark, Clermont, Greene, Hamilton, Miami, Montgomery, and Warren Counties

April 5, 2006

Ohio EPA has amended rule OAC 3745-21-09 to eliminate vehicle inspection programs (E-Check) in the Cincinnati and Dayton metro counties at the end of 2005.  To offset the potential increase in VOC and NOx emissions resulting from the termination of the E-Check program, certain new VOC control strategies were developed.  These new requirements became effective on March 12, 2006.

One such addition affects all cold cleaners located in Butler, Clark, Clermont, Greene, Hamilton, Miami, Montgomery and Warren counties.  While these cold cleaners have been subject to certain requirements for some time, additional requirements have been added and codified at OAC 3745-21-09(O)(2)(e).

The new requirements state that the solvent material used in the cold cleaner must have a vapor pressure that does not exceed 1.0 mmHG (0.019 psi) at 20 degrees Celsius (68°F).  Also, the owner or operator of the cold cleaner must keep the following records for a minimum of five years for each solvent purchase: the date of purchase, the name, company ID, and chemical composition of the solvent, and the vapor pressure of the solvent.

There are two activities that are exempt from these requirements: the cleaning of electrical components (as defined in OAC 3745-21-01(G)(3)) and the cleaning of paint gun parts (as defined in OAC 3745-21-01(G)(1)) for the removal of paint and coatings.

For more information on these new requirements, please contact a member of Frost Brown Todd’s Environmental Department.

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