Preparing for 2007: A Year of Change for the EEO 1 Report

February 7, 2006

The year of 2007 will bring an overhaul for the EEO‑1 Report, which requires covered employers to report demographic data for employees in specified job categories.  The changes affect two aspects of the EEO‑1 Report:  (1) ethnic and racial categories and (2)  job categories.

First, the 2007 EEO‑1 Report subdivides the five current racial and ethnic categories into seven categories.  The most notable addition is the category for “Two or more races.”  Another notable change is the separation of “Asian” from “Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander” (currently counted together).  See Sample 2007 EEO-1 Report.   Even if employers previously obtained employees’ demographic data, they will need to re‑survey their workforce prior to the 2007 EEO‑1 Report deadline ( September 30, 2007 ) to determine whether adjustments are necessary.  The EEOC suggests gathering race and ethnic data through voluntary self‑identification forms.  See the Sample Voluntary Self-Identification Form.

Second, the 2007 EEO‑1 Report subdivides the nine current job categories into ten job categories.  The most drastic change is the division of the current “Officials and Managers” category into two separate categories: “Executive/Senior Level Officials and Managers” and “First/Mid Level Officials and Managers.”  Furthermore, the EEOC confirmed that business and financial advisors should not be counted within either of the new management‑level categories in the 2007 EEO‑1 Report.  Instead, they should be placed in the “Professionals” category.

In preparation for the 2007 EEO‑1 deadline (September 30, 2007), covered private employers and federal contractors should take the following steps in compliance:

Please contact any member of the Frost Brown Todd Labor and Employment Department if you have any questions about the EEO-1 Report changes and related reporting requirements.

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