Business Professionals

Business Professionals

One person at a time, that’s how you build a successful law firm.

It’s hard not to lean on sentimentalism when talking about the whole team at Frost Brown Todd. We’re a family. Everyone has value; everyone contributes. Our paralegals and other business professionals are the soul, the backbone, and the beating heart of this firm.

We’ve got topnotch legal talent, to be sure, but FBT’s business professionals help orchestrate everything from strategic planning and trial preparation to accounting and marketing campaigns. These professionals, in turn, seem to like it here, sticking around for more than 10 years on average.

Note: Frost Brown Todd LLC is an equal opportunity employer.

Inclusion at FBT

Thanks to our Diversity and Inclusion efforts, we’ve been fortunate to fill our roster with professionals of diverse backgrounds and skillsets, and who share our commitment to civility and collegiality in the workplace. Together, we are dedicated to making this law firm a place where everyone is treated with dignity, where new and unique perspectives are valued, and where team players can forge lifelong careers. As we continue this work, our goal is to create the most inclusive workplace and the most dedicated and dynamic workforce.

Professional Development

Many of FBT’s new hires were culled from inside the legal profession; they’ve worked as paralegals or support staff at other law firms or for in-house legal departments. Not infrequently, though, we bring on individuals with rather limited experience, but a wealth of potential. They may begin in minor roles, demonstrate their wherewithal, and rise through the ranks to become the office manager or the head of the IT department.


Because the firm relies on state-of-the-art technology platforms for both administrative work and legal services, new employees undergo extensive training in firm processes before their assignments are self-directed. That is to say, we don’t expect our professionals to know everything from the jump. They receive one-on-one training, complete online modules, and can participate in subject-focused classes throughout the year.

More importantly, their opportunities for advancement don’t cease once they’ve reached mastery in their current role. Because FBT is a large multistate firm, with over a hundred different practice areas, there are always opportunities to explore new career possibilities.

Compensation and Benefits

Instead of setting predetermined parameters for salaries, we perform a comparative analysis, arriving at a competitive salary figure only after we’ve accounted for a person’s prior experience, responsibilities in the new role, and a city’s cost of living. In addition to health, vision, and dental insurance, employees are eligible for mental health consultations, maternity leave, as well as short- and long-term disability.