Diversity and Inclusion

Frost Brown Todd Diversity and Inclusion highlights

Working at a place where everyone thinks like you – or, worse, where you feel pressured to check your authentic self at the door – severely limits opportunities for personal and professional growth. We wouldn’t want to work under those conditions. And we imagine you don’t either. That’s why we’re committed to building and maintaining, as a permanent part of our culture, a diverse and inclusive team environment.

From a business standpoint, diversity in thought and experience enriches the creativity of our teams which, together with a culture of genuine inclusion, enables us to get the most out of ourselves and the best results for our clients. But we don’t just view this as good business. Our diversity and inclusion values are core to who we are and what we do. As an organization, we not only strive to hire and advance diverse professionals, but we continue to take concrete steps to ensure that all of our employees feel like a valued, integral part of the Frost Brown Todd team, with access to supportive mentors and opportunities that fit their talents and ambition.

That commitment to engaging the “whole” person, we believe, yields more than revenue. For us, it’s about the satisfaction of working at a place that values your unique perspective and contribution and is fully vested in making you a real part of team success. You can learn more about Frost Brown Todd’s diversity and inclusion philosophy and efforts on our D&I webpage and see what talent and teamwork can accomplish in our quarterly D&I Report.