Work-Life Integration

Work-life balance

Mobile technologies have made working from home much easier, giving rise to the “always-on” employee. So balancing work and real life can be a chore.

At FBT, however, we believe people do better work when they feel better about the work they do. This philosophy governs both the expectations we have of our employees, and conversely, what our employees can expect from the firm’s leadership. Through alternative scheduling and a generous benefits package, we help our employees strike an optimal balance between their personal and professional goals.

Associates at all levels within the firm’s advancement structure (other than first year lawyers) have the same standard billable hours requirement (1,800 hours), unless varied under a specified and mutually-agreed alternative goal arrangement. Attorneys on alternative work schedules are eligible to be considered for membership in the firm on the same basis as all other attorneys.

To curtail unnecessary travel, we’ve installed video phones in every office and outfitted conference rooms with state-of-the-art 1080p webcams. To facilitate interstate collaboration, document sharing and document delivery, our employees have access to an advanced file-sharing system.