Our Culture

Our Culture

Essential to FBT’s culture is an ethic of inclusivity predicated on the belief that all members of our professional community have value and dignity and contribute to the vibrancy of the firm as a whole. This principle guides our recruitment and hiring practices. While we are always willing to consider candidates with the appropriate qualifications, we place high priority on individuals whose values are aligned with our culture. We hire people who communicate with candor, compassion and self-awareness.

FBT is committed to creating a workforce whose membership reflects the diversity of our global community. Today, thanks to our diversity and inclusion efforts, our team encompasses attorneys and business professionals of varying backgrounds and experiences, making us uniquely situated to meet the needs of a growing national and multinational client base.

So, if you’re interested in working at FBT, know this: Your credentials are only one facet of FBT’s comprehensive “whole person” hiring criteria. We give credence to what you’ve done and what you’ve accomplished, but we’re equally interested in your values, your community involvement and your extracurricular endeavors. Above all, we want to know what you can do and what you will do here at the firm, based on your personal and professional goals.

Note: Frost Brown Todd LLC is an equal opportunity employer.