Law Students

Law Students

Your first foray into the legal profession often sets the tone and trajectory of your career to come. That’s why we believe in providing law students and recent graduates with the experience, guidance, and industry-exposure they’ll need to propel themselves forward on their career paths.

There are three opportunities currently: The first is a scholarship fund earmarked for diverse and forward-thinking students. The second is our Summer Associate Program, and third, our First-Year Associate Program. The latter two offer immersive, professional-track training.

On-Campus Recruiting Itinerary

Come find us on the recruitment trail! We’re good at spotting talent, but we strive to be the best at developing it.





Capital University Law School

Yaz Ashrawi

Sam Quimby


Chase College of Law

Alyse Bender Hoffer

Neal Shah


Cook County Bar Association Job Fair

Neal Shah


Duquesne University School of Law

Steve Regan


IBA Diversity Job Fair

Jennifer O’Guinn

Sunrita Sen


Indiana University Maurer School of Law

Kandi Hidde

Jennifer O’Guinn


Indiana University Robert McKinney School of Law

Jennifer O’Guinn

Emily Schmale


Ohio State University

Michael E. Moritz College of Law

Yaz Ashrawi

Scott Phillips


Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law

Kimera Hall & Craig Cox


University of Alabama School of Law

Tonya Austin

Josh Lewis


University of Cincinnati College of Law

Ali Razzaghi

Nicole Tepe


University of Kentucky College of Law

Peter Cummins

Holly Powell


University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law

Peter Cummins

Emily Meyer


University of Michigan Law School

Jeff Lindemann


University of Notre Dame Law School

Tommy Gleason

Doug Lutz


University of Pittsburgh School of Law

Nich Koch


University of Tennessee College of Law

Adam Dietrich

Doug Lutz


University of Virginia School of Law

Amanda England


Vanderbilt University Law School

Tonya Austin

Tom Lee


Washington University School of Law

Tessa Castner

Scott Phillips


William & Mary School of Law

Amanda England 8/8/19
Diversity Scholarship Fund

Because the debt burden of law school often serves as a barrier to hard-working and talented individuals, the Diversity Scholarship Fund was created to offset some of the costs. As part of our diversity and inclusion efforts, the scholarship fund also serves as one of the many ways FBT is building a pipeline of diverse attorneys.

Frost Brown Todd awards approximately five $2,000 scholarships each year to deserving law students. The scholarship is awarded based on demonstrated service to the cause of diversity, potential for service to the profession, service to the community, academic achievements, and demonstration of values contained in Frost Brown Todd’s Vision Statement.

Applications are distributed to law schools each year and are available upon request from Justin Fowles (

Summer Associate Program

For law students, the academic year can be grueling, and as summer approaches you might be yearning for a break. While there’s nothing leisurely about FBT’s Summer Associate Program you’ll work alongside FBT members and associates on actual depositions, arbitrations, negotiations, and client consultations. Most beneficially, by the end of the program, you will have built or added to a portfolio that will attract employers and prospective clients.

That said, our summer associates also get to kick back and relax during informal field trips, social outings, lunches, and meet-and-greets. You can also broaden your horizons by doing pro bono work or by participating in one of the many firm-sponsored community outreach programs.

If interested, APPLY ONLINE with your résumé, law school transcript and cover letter, or sign up for an on-campus interview at one of the many law schools we visit throughout the academic year.

Note: Frost Brown Todd LLC is an equal opportunity employer.

Do meaningful work

We believe in providing summer associates with meaningful hands-on experience in a variety of industries and practice areas. We learn what aspects of the law excite you and connect you with teams specializing in those areas. Throughout the summer, our work coordinators make sure all assignments are fairly distributed among associates, with the appropriate balance of billable hours, observation, and training opportunities.

Team up with not one, but two mentors

We pair summer associates with both a member and an associate to serve as mentors, on hand to answer questions and introduce you to attorneys and clients. These mentor/mentee relationships often outlast the duration of the program, continuing into the school year and beyond.

Learn your strengths, pinpoint areas for improvement

When it comes to communicating with summer associates, we don’t equivocate. We articulate expectations clearly, providing feedback on your performance at every step of the way. Most of this feedback will be informal in nature, but at both the midpoint and conclusion of the program you will receive a formal evaluation, highlighting your strengths and pinpointing areas where additional training is needed. This is not a report card, but a conversation about steps you can take to deliver on your full potential.

Enjoy several career development opportunities

FBT’s offices serve as home base for summer associates, but you will also spend a great deal of time in the field, touring our clients’ facilities, learning about their business operations, and getting a firsthand glimpse of what it takes to build in-house relationships with leading multinational companies. In addition to field work, FBT hosts weekly forums during which representatives of the firm’s management committees and practice groups share their perspective and interact candidly with summer associates.

Comingle with other FBT colleagues

Summer associates aren’t isolated from one another, nor are they excluded from various firm-wide events during the summer months. Rather, here at the firm and elsewhere, you can get to know your FBT colleagues, practice legalese, and debate over proper blue book citation etiquette. For previous summer associates, these social gatherings have been both fun and illuminating.

Witness skilled attorneys in action

Many FBT attorneys are at the forefront of new and complex legal issues. Some are considered luminaries in their respective fields. As a summer associate, you will get to work alongside these accomplished attorneys.

First-Year Associate Program

The transition from law school to law practice can be difficult. Even talented young attorneys may flounder without the proper guidance and support structure. To ensure a successful start to their careers, we’ve created an innovative training initiative: The First-Year Associate Program.

The First-Year Associate Program combines skills-based instruction and observation with direct hands-on experience in the field, all of which is designed to provide the next generation of FBT attorneys with the tools needed to connect with clients and build a successful practice.

As a first-year associate, your training is tailored to your interests and competencies. Throughout the program, you’ll participate in workshops, hone existing skills and develop new ones. You’ll have recourse to the guidance of senior-level attorneys and opportunities to “shadow” them during trials, depositions and negotiations.

These observations will increasingly be replaced with actual, self-directed field assignments in service to FBT clients. Finally, in addition to legal training, our mini-MBA program and visiting speakers will impart effective business and client communication strategies.

More to the point: By the end of the First-Year Associate Program, you’ll be ready to embark on the next phase in your career with a clear sense of what you have to offer, what your goals are, and a network of people ready to help you realize those goals.

The four basic components of the program are outlined below. If interested, APPLY ONLINE with your résumé, law school transcript and cover letter.

Note: Frost Brown Todd LLC is an equal opportunity employer.

Market-competitive salaries (with reduced billable hour requirement)

Our billable hour requirement (1200 hours) for first-year associates is below that of other similarly sized firms. However, we offer our associates market-competitive salaries because we regard their success as a long-term investment for the firm. In addition to the 1200 billable hour requirement, you will be required to complete 800 hours of training. Our goal is to keep billable hours manageable so you can focus on the kind of professional development that will be most beneficial to you in the long run.

Knowledge Coach

We’ve identified attorneys at FBT who are effective advisers and facilitators, one of whom will serve as your “knowledge coach” for the duration of the program. Your knowledge coach will put the time in to learn about your interests and work with you to devise a training regimen and manage workflow. When you’ve expressed interest in a particular aspect of the law, your knowledge coach can put you in contact with attorneys who specialize in that area.

Secrets of Success

In order to build a thriving practice and to better understand the priorities of public- and private-sector clients, attorneys need to develop the kinds of strategies often deployed by successful businesspeople. For this reason, all first-year associates participate in our mini-MBA program, which will give you some fluency in core business strategies to help you relate to clients on a broader plane. We also host several speakers throughout the year, who advise on topics like initiative-taking, networking and client proposals.

Placement opportunities with clients and non-profit organizations

FBT’s offices serve as home base for first-year associates, but you will also have opportunities to work directly with FBT clients in their place of business, learn about their operations and develop your client service skills. In some cases, we might assign you to work at a client’s business for several weeks if it appears your interests and theirs are closely aligned. Outside of the private sector, the firm is connected with several nonprofit organizations in our footprint, giving you the chance to work on important community projects and learn more about the city and people we serve.