Summer Associate Program

Every year attorneys from Frost Brown Todd visit a number of law schools and accept resumes from an even larger number of law schools to help us identify suitable candidates for our Summer Associate Program. Our goal in this process is to find those individuals who have the potential for outstanding legal careers and can deliver meaningful contributions to the firm, our clients and the community.

We want to give each summer associate an opportunity to experience what it is like to be an attorney at Frost Brown Todd. To achieve this goal, we make every effort to see that all Summer Associates are exposed to a wide range of activities, including:

Based on feedback over the years, law students have enjoyed our program and found it to be helpful in learning more about Frost Brown Todd LLC specifically and the practice of law generally.


It is our priority to give each summer associate an opportunity to experience the practical aspects of practicing law in those areas of law that interest him or her. Our program also has the flexibility to allow Summer Associates who have a particular interest in a specific practice group to emphasize work in that practice group during the summer.

Our Summer Associate Program is designed to challenge you with firsthand experience on a variety of real client projects. The summer associates work directly with Members, Associates and clients on all aspects of a case, hearing or transaction. The opportunity is also given to be involved in pro bono or other charitable work in the community. The experience of an FBT Summer Associate is not limited to hours of research and writing in our library.


Summer associates are given the opportunity to attend depositions, trials, appellate arguments, arbitrations, mediations, closings, witness preparation sessions and more. These opportunities of observations give the associates a direct, hands-on experience. Summer associates will also be given the chance to tour both the State and Federal courts was well as participate in the local bar association's program that's guided specifically for students.

You also will be offered a guided tour of a client’s manufacturing facility, which gives you the chance to see how the different practice areas of the Firm are applied to one client and to hear directly from in-house counsel about what he or she needs from outside counsel.


Summer Associates will participate in several formal training programs including:

Perhaps the most informative portion of the Summer Associate Program is our weekly “get-togethers.” In this forum, you will meet representatives from each of the Firm’s managing committees and all of our practice groups. These discussions allow you the opportunity to meet and talk candidly with the Firm leaders. Summer associates will also get the chance to explore each area of law practiced by Frost Brown Todd and discover what interests you.


To ensure success, provide guidance, and smooth your entry into the Firm and the practice of law, each Summer Associate is assigned an Associate and a Member as mentors. Your mentors will answer questions - both big and small. They can help with the minutia of office practices and the bigger questions about important issues, such as balancing family and work. Mentors are also a great resource for guidance on work assignments.

Social  Events

There will be many opportunities throughout the summer for you to get to know both Associates and Members through a variety of informal social events. In addition to office specific outings, several Firm-wide events are planned where all Summer Associates get together for an afternoon of fun. According to previous Summer Associates, these informal gatherings provide an excellent opportunity to experience the personality and culture of Frost Brown Todd.


We believe in the importance of both communication from each Summer Associate on the quality of their assignments and our Summer Program and feedback to each Summer Associate on his or her performance and progress over the course of the Summer Program. Throughout the summer, you will receive informal feedback from the assignment coordinator, the assigning attorney or your mentor on your performance in each project. In addition, you will receive a formal evaluation of your performance at the midpoint and conclusion of your summer employment. We encourage Summer Associates to provide comments and feedback on any assignments or the Summer Program to their mentors or the Recruiting Manager for that office.

Due to the size and experiences of each of our offices, the structure of the Summer Programs differs slightly from office-to-office.

How to Apply

Please APPLY online and submit your resume, law school transcript and cover letter indicating your practice area of interest and geographical interest.