FBT rallies in support of local arts organizations

On Thursday, March 8, sometime around 11:00 a.m., orchestral music reverberated throughout FBT’s Louisville office. Employees put down their ballpoints, hung up their phones and rose out of their swivel chairs to determine its source. As it happens, Jack Griffin, Chief Viola of the Louisville Orchestra, was giving an impromptu concert, which signaled the start of the office’s annual Fund for the Arts campaign.

Of all the organizations FBT supports, Louisville’s Fund for the Arts and Greater Cincinnati’s ArtsWave get a whole lot of love during our weeklong campaigns. This owes, in part, to the broad appeal and palpable impact these organizations have on the regions’ schools and creative economy. But the success of each office’s fundraising campaign – in Louisville, West Chester, Cincinnati, and Florence – is also a testament to the hard work and ingenuity of its organizers.

This year, in the Louisville office, Liam Felsen, Morgan Weinrich, Colin Stouffer, Greg Dutton, Carl Lammers, and Tom O’Brien orchestrated the campaign, meanwhile going out of their way to interject a little fun into the work week. In addition to the hall-traveling viola, there were daily door prizes, an employee art gallery, and competitions for costumes and original artwork. To top it off, the organizers devised a rather imaginative challenge using the Google Arts & Culture app’s facial recognition feature: we had to match 10 employee photos to their art doppelgangers, including portraits by Pierre-Aguste Renoir, Suzanne Valadon and Elmer Borlongan.

Still, beyond the intraoffice hijinks, the campaign is equally significant for its outcome. Last year, FBT Louisville topped the Fund’s list for per-capita and overall giving among law firms in the region, with 130 individual donors and 45% participation. In 2018, the bar was set even higher. The organizers called on their colleagues to increase their previous contribution and drive up overall participation to 50%. Although the results of this year’s campaign won’t be available until July, early estimates have us meeting, if not cresting, our fundraising goals.

Note: FBT’s West Chester, Cincinnati, and Florence offices completed their ArtsWave campaigns on April 13. Results are forthcoming.