Diversity Policy

Frost Brown Todd has always had strong convictions concerning respect for the individual and the value of each employee’s personal contributions to the business. As the organization has become increasingly diverse and as we have grown around the region, it has become even more important that we fully utilize this individuality.

Everyone at Frost Brown Todd LLC is united by the commonality of the firm’s values and goals.

Diversity is the uniqueness each of us brings to fulfilling these values and achieving these goals. Diversity flows from many factors including differences such as race, sex, gender, identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, nationality, cultural heritage, personal background, life and career experience, personality, position in the organization, and many others.

By building on our common values and goals, we are able to create advantage and strength from our differences.

Developing and managing a strong, diverse organization is essential to achieving our business purpose and objectives.

We value the different perspectives that the diversity of Frost Brown Todd LLC people brings to the business. Our workplace environment encourages collaboration which brings our different talents and experiences together to produce better ideas and superior services and products.

At Frost Brown Todd LLC, we operate on the fundamental belief that individual differences are good and such differences will produce genuine competitive advantages.

Download a copy of our Diversity and Inclusion Policy.