Women’s Initiative

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It’s about Connections and Relationships 

The mission of the Women’s Initiative at FBT is consistent with our firm’s diversity mission:  to work towards an inclusive environment where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed.  Firm member Kimberly Mauer chairs the Women’s Initiative.

The Initiative focuses on activities targeted to its mission, including:

Supporting Individual Success

We have developed a culture that promotes the advancement of women and encourages their success. For example, the firm has created a process in which women can solicit other experienced attorneys to comment on their self-evaluations prior to finalizing and submitting them, thus leveraging the perspectives of more seasoned colleagues.  We have a strong community of more senior female attorneys who have volunteered to mentor any woman either on a long-term basis or to assist with a specific issue. Also, the firm funds biannual retreats for female attorneys to discuss ways we can support each other more effectively as a group and as a firm.

Working to Everyone’s Benefit 

Through the Initiative, our women receive the guidance and direction they need to develop client service strategies and attorney-client relationships that produce long-term benefits for themselves and the law firm.

The programs we have in place encourage all attorneys to interact and work together, strengthening both internal and external relationships and providing value to our attorneys, our firm, our clients and our communities.