Employee Privacy Policy and Consent Process Development for a Multinational Client

Client: Anonymous
Open date: April 2013
Close date: July 2013

A multinational client with employees in seven different countries had approved an Employee Privacy Policy.  It wanted assurance that the policy did not violate the laws of seven countries, and knowing that consent to the policy by the employee was required in most of those countries, it wanted to adopt a uniform consent process that was consistent with the privacy laws of those countries. 


Working with Multilaw, an international association of law firms of which FBT is a member, and for which Ms. Shea co-chairs its Data Privacy and Security Practice Group, Ms. Shea assembled a team consisting of privacy law experts in each of the seven countries. She posed a series of issues to each of them, and working with their responses, she assisted the client with the development of an Employee Privacy Policy and employee consent process that complied with the laws of all relevant jurisdictions.