What happens when a business like Tumbleweed faces eviction?

September 11, 2014 By Caitlin Bowling
Louisville Business First

Earlier this week, I wrote about an attempt to evict Tumbleweed Restaurants Inc. from its riverfront location in Louisville.  The company allegedly owes $30,000 in back rent to Waterweed LLC and the Waterfront Development Corp. That doesn't include an additional $30,000 in rent coming due in about a month. Tumbleweed, for its part, said its rent is paid through August.  Nonetheless, Waterweed has notified Tumbleweed that it has defaulted on its lease. I was curious — what's happens next? So I spoke to Steve Crawford, an attorney with Frost Brown Todd LLC, about how evictions typically proceed.

“Lease will control how things roll,” he said.

The terms of the lease will lay out how long a business has to remedy a problem before the landlord files for forcible entry and detainer, a.k.a. the right to evict the tenant, through Jefferson District Court.

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