Indy's top tailgater bombs football quiz on 'Rachael Ray'

January 22, 2015 By Dana Hunsinger Benbow

He aced the corn hole throw and hamburger stacking competition. He guessed potato skins and got it right during the blind taste test. The judges went crazy for his shaved ribeye sandwich.

But Ed Holloran, competing for the honor of top tailgater in the nation on the "Rachael Ray" show Thursday, had a sort of brain freeze when the football trivia portion came up.

What NFL team was originally named the New York Titans? "The Houston Oilers, now the Tennessee Titans," Holloran said.

Buzzzzz. It was the New York Jets.

What team won three Super Bowls during the 1990s?

"San Francisco 49ers," said Holloran.

Nope. It was the Dallas Cowboys.

Who was the MVP of last year's Super Bowl? "Marshawn Lynch," said Holloran.

Whoops. It was Malcolm Smith.

Kind of embarrassing for Holloran, who prides himself on knowing plenty about NFL football.

"I don't know if the bright lights got to me or what," he said. "I did manage to embarrass myself on trivia. I bombed."

In the end, Holloran was not named the top tailgater in the nation Thursday. That went to the Seattle Seahawks tailgater. He did go home with a $100 gift card from

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