Supreme Court to Hear 'Non-Injury' Privacy Class Action

May 6, 2015 By John K. Higgins
Linux Insider

The U.S. Supreme Court last month granted a request from Spokeo, a data aggregator, to consider whether the legal basis litigants must meet to file a claim in federal court should be broadly or narrowly defined.

In the case, Spokeo, Inc. v. Thomas Robins, Thomas Robins is a resident of Virginia acting individually and as representative of a class.

Google, Facebook, eBay and Yahoo submitted a joint brief in support of Spokeo. Separately, credit data firm Experian and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce also supported Spokeo.S

pokeo, Inc. v. Thomas Robins is "the most important privacy class action and consumer case of the decade," said Stephen Embry, an attorney with Frost Brown Todd.