Behind Suits That Rock are musicians in disguise — raising funds for Carnegie children’s program

June 15, 2016 By Vicki Prichard
Northern Kentucky Tribune

By day, they walk among us, briefcases in tow. They sit next to us in meetings, maybe share a joke at the water cooler, try cases in court, and broker deals over lunch. But when night falls, they shed their suits, pick up the drumsticks, the guitar pick, the microphone, and they rock – musicians in disguise, all along.

On Saturday June 18 and Saturday June 25, Suits That Rock, comprised of more than 40 local business leaders, will take the stage in Covington for the 9th Annual Suits That Rock concert benefitting The Carnegie’s children’s education department.

The performance consistently sells out, which is no surprise considering the men and women behind the music are in the business of making things happen, whether as business leaders or community activists.

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