Book Look: The HR Lawyer Within You

July 2016 By Paula Hayes
HR Professionals Magazine

As HR professionals are keenly aware, there are legal perimeters that when followed construct a well-balanced process for hiring, management, and firing practices in today’s workforce. Robert D. Hudson’s award-winning, The HR Lawyer Within You: Human Resource Strategies for Legal Success, is a detailed and extremely thorough guide to teaching HR professionals the essential ingredients to thinking like an HR lawyer. Hudson’s book was recognized at the Great Southeast Book Festival as Best Business Book of 2015. Hudson is also no stranger to writing books; he is a successful author of two other stellar works on business, A Better Tomorrow – Fighting for Capitalism and Jobs in the Heartland and Our Best Tomorrow – Students Teaching Capitalism to America. Unquestionably, Hudson’s advice stems from his extensive career as an attorney in labor law, practicing with Frost Brown Todd, L.L.C., a labor and law group, as well as from his prior involvement with the Northern Kentucky Chamber and the Covington Business Council. Trusted outlets such as Fox News and Fox Business News have sought out Hudson’s expertise in labor law. Thus given his over twenty-five years of labor law experience, it is no surprise that The HR Lawyer Within You provides a relevant and much needed legal perspective to solving HR problems so as to avoid legal quagmires and curtail litigation before such problems should arise. Notably, Hudson’s book is a proactive look at ways to successfully navigate multifaceted and compound human resource matters.

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