Corporate spotlight: Frost Brown Todd

February 22, 2016 By Allison Goodan

What began as an associate internship in the summer of ’95 ended with a lasting career. Ted King’s practice at Frost Brown Todd officially began in September of 1996, and he has worked there ever since.  “It’s a great place to work,” King said. Stretching over eight states, Louisville’s Frost Brown Todd is located in the landmark building of 400 West Market, a home away from home for roughly 150 legal professionals. 

“Early in my career, I was told to get out in the community and help give back,” King said. “It’s something we find very important. Frost Brown Todd puts its clients and employees first in everything we do. We get people involved in legal matters they’re working on, but also in the community, and we count the time they spend on that work too.” King is not only an Attorney at Law, but the finance partner at Frost Brown Todd, a board certified Business Bankruptcy Specialist, Treasury of Friends at the Zoo, and Chair for Kentucky’s CARE (Credit Abuse Resistance Education) Advisory Committee, and also a member on the National CARE Board.  

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