Frost Brown Todd attorney’s latest case on drones reveals legal gray area

January 16, 2016 By Andy Brownfield
Cincinnati Business Courier

Unmanned aircraft systems, or drones, have blown up in popularity in recent years, and now a Kentucky man, angry at one allegedly hovering over his land, has blown one up. A Frost Brown Todd attorney handling that case says the law isn't clear cut when it comes to where people can fly their drones.

James Mackler is a former Blackhawk helicopter pilot and an attorney for John David Boggs, a drone owner whose unmanned aircraft was shot down in Louisville. The shooter, William Meridith, claims the drone was peeping on his teenage daughters on his back porch. Boggs claimed his drone was 200 feet above the ground and not even shooting Merideth's land. While a judge dismissed criminal charges, Mackler is representing Boggs in a lawsuit to settle the conflict between homeowner's privacy and federal airspace.

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