How $502 makes big impact for millennial donors

September 10, 2016 By Madeleine Winer

A group is making it easy for millennials to give back to the community and grow their network.

"A lot of young professionals just want to give and just have to look for something that attracts them," said Daniel Mudd, co-founder of [give] 502, an organization where members donate $502 toward a collective grant for a charity of their choosing.

"If you give $502, you're a member," said Mudd, adding that members can choose to pay that amount monthly or all at once through an online portal. "You can be as involved as you want to be."

He said the idea for the organization came from C.F. Callihan, another founding leader of [give] 502, who got the idea for the giving circle from Giving Sum, a similar group in Indianapolis, where he attended graduate school.

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