MORRIS: Indy Legal Aid to roast Jim Voyles

August 18, 2016 By Gerg Morris
Indianapolis Business Journal

I’m taking a break from these two weeks of political conventions and attempting instead to refocus on important local topics. A perfect example is the fun evening coming up to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Indianapolis Legal Aid Society.

Full disclosure before I proceed, I’m pleased to be an ILAS board member. So is Jim Voyles. Does that name ring a bell? Even if you’re not a part of the central Indiana legal community, chances are good you’ve heard of him. He’s the attorney you want to know but hope you’ll never need to hire.

Voyles is known for representing a who’s who of rich and famous folks who need legal counsel and defense assistance. He’s a nationally known criminal defense attorney and to say he is one of the most powerful attorneys in Indiana is an understatement.

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