Power of social media fuels Louisville nonprofits

September 10, 2016 By Madeleine Winer

Answering the call to fight for what's right has been a driving force for Bailey Roese. So when it came time to ask others to support her cause, she put out a call for help on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

"Anytime I give to an organization, especially if it's centered around an event, I always post on social media," said Roese, the 28-year-old chairwoman of Louisville Girls Leadership. "I think social media is great for making it easy for people to give."

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The age of mass mailings and then waiting for donations is passing for nonprofits as social networks and online giving platforms make donating easier. And the millennial generation — the 18-34 age range often labeled lazy, narcissistic and entitled — has embraced donating and spreading the word digitally about causes they care about.