Profile: How Tom Murray gave new life to Barbasol

February 2016 By Kitty McConnell
Columbus CEO

Tom Murray leads with his values: faith, family, work.

“There are so many things way more important than money,” says Murray, president and CEO of Perio, the Dublin-based parent company of Barbasol and Pure Silk shave brands. Murray’s values are Perio’s values, reflected in the mission statement of the company he’s led—and transformed—through the last 30 years.

Perio “expects to receive a healthy profit” as long as the company puts product quality, employee fulfillment and philanthropy first.

For Murray, these aren’t corporate platitudes. He believes that the resources of the company belong to God, that he is merely a steward of Perio’s assets. That’s why he’ll never put short-term opportunities before long-term success. That’s why he pays plant employees highly competitive salaries. That’s why Perio donates roughly $400,000 to charitable organizations, with a focus on children’s charity, every year.

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