Smart cookies: Girl Scouts make diligent use of trademarks

February 24, 2016 By Doug Schelling
The Tennessean

Girl Scouts of the United States of America is an organization that teaches responsibility and other positive characteristics to its members. Each year, Girl Scout cookie season stirs up excitement for the trademarked treats. In fact, a couple of weeks ago, when my wife (one of the cookie momsters of our daughter’s troop) was unloading cases of Girl Scout cookies from her car, folks passing by took notice and wanted to purchase some cookies on the spot!

For the past several weeks, the Girl Scouts have been out in front of grocery stores and pharmacies offering boxes and boxes of each type of the well-known cookies.  Well, to be more accurate, the trademarks that are used in connection with the cookies are what is well-known. True to their teachings of responsibility and diligence, the Girl Scouts have taken proper legal action to protect their valuable trademarks.

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