Blockchain startup The Opinion Economy maps token, ICO, equity offerings

June 21, 2018 By Milt Capps
Venture Nashville Connections

Ted Waz, the Nashville-based CEO of The Opinion Economy Inc., is moving steadily along his blockchain startup's roadmap, the milestones of which include a utility token offering, an initial coin offering (ICO), and perhaps a future equity capital raise.

Waz told Venture Nashville that during what's left of this month he'll be evangelizing in Fresno, Chicago, Minneapolis and other cities.

Waz, who is also the startup's chairman and treasurer, said his company's aim is to establish early global leadership with its blockchain-powered platform, with its first target being the global market research industry, for which it offers its Consumer Insights and Data Exchange Suite (C IDEAS). See its preliminary Opinion Economy Blockchain, or OEB, website.

Future sector targets are likely to include adtech, consumer products and services, healthcare and homeland security spaces, said Waz.

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