Broadway Row: Preservation Louisville merges with Vital Sites to redevelop older buildings

September 11, 2017 By Caitlin Bowling
Insider Louisville

Preservation Louisville is now inactive, but that doesn’t mean preservation efforts in Louisville are slowing down.

The nonprofit devoted to promoting the preservation of old and historic buildings in the city is now part of another nonprofit called Vital Sites, which offers a revolving loan fund for preservation-related projects in Louisville. Preservation Louisville is technically a sub-organization within Vital Sites but, for the most part, will remain dormant.

“We had interlocking memberships with their board, and so as we evolved, it just became natural for us to become one organization,” said Charles Cash, an architect and former head of Preservation Louisville. “Preservation has always been in Louisville under funded and in need of something that can encourage growth, and we hope this new approach is a way to do that — to be involved early and often.”

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