Courtroom cackles get farm co. a fed. circ. redo in IP suit

June 4, 2018 By Bonnie Eslinger

While not as noisy as a barnyard, the chatter and laughter heard during attorney presentations led the Federal Circuit on Wednesday to grant a North Dakota farm equipment company a rehearing in its patent infringement case against a rival.

“GLG Farms seeks a panel rehearing because, during the oral argument held before the panel on April 4, 2018, external noise was audible in the courtroom and disrupted GLG Farms’s oral presentation,” the Federal Circuit wrote in its brief Wednesday ruling. “The petition for panel rehearing is granted and oral argument will be reheard.”

Through some purported technical error, the sound of people talking outside the courtroom was somehow piped into the proceedings through the court’s public address system, and continued throughout the hearing, an attorney for GLG Farms LLC wrote in the company’s May 8 petition for rehearing.

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