Entrepreneurship: Poised for healthy growth

Victory Hemp Foods plans to capitalize on demand for plant-based protien in our diets

January 17, 2018 By Dawn Marie Yankeelov
The Lane Report

Just outside Louisville in Henry County, Victory Hemp Foods is actively embarked on a business plan to bring its plant-based hemp protein products to mainstream consumers at interested stores, including major retailers Whole Foods and Kroger. It presents its product as superior to soy protein, which does $9 billion in business annually.

As part of its high-growth vision to make the Campbellsburg agribusiness a $50 million company within a decade, it has become a certified public-benefit B Corp. The designation is a relatively new organizational format where shareholders agree that a corporation may allocate some portion of its assets and energies to a “public benefit purpose.” There are 2,100-plus certified B Corps in 130 industries across 50 countries.

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