Frost Brown Todd’s new CEO on why litigation is "a bit like directing a play"

January 24, 2018 By Andy Brownfield
Cincinnati Business Courier

Frost Brown Todd’s new CEO Adam Hall finds a lot of similarities between the law and his first love, history.  He majored in history at Ohio State University, but he didn’t want to go into academia. Problem-solving was more his speed, though he was able to use a lot of what he learned in the courtroom. 

“In history you look at primary sources and secondary sources, you look at biases people bring to things, their opportunity to absorb the facts. That’s a lot of what a litigator does,” Hall said. “You pull all that apart and try to put the history of what happened and the dispute of what’s being litigated back together again in a way that makes sense.” 

Hall became the new CEO of Frost Brown Todd on Jan. 1, only the second in the firm’s history after the merger of Brown, Todd & Heyburn and Frost & Jacobs in 2000. He spoke with the Courier about what keeps litigation interesting, what he does to unwind and how the courtroom has a lot in common with a playhouse. 

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