IndyBar: Bar Leader Series Class XIV demonstrates leadership in action

May 17, 2017
The Indiana Lawyer

Throughout the IndyBar’s Bar Leader Series, the importance of motivating, inspiring and leading for the benefit of the profession and community is emphasized at every turn. An integral component of the series is a community service project, which empowers series participants to turn their ideas and passions into fully-formed services, programs, resources and/or events that benefit the community.

During their retreat in September 2016, Class XIV participants developed broad topics for their projects and formed teams based on their observations of community needs and their individual interests. Each team was charged with conceiving an idea for their project and developing and executing it during the series. Participants were expected to donate 10 to 15 hours each to the project, and the projects were to follow the mission of the Indianapolis Bar Foundation: to advance justice and lead positive change in Indianapolis through philanthropy, education and service.

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