Kiritsis film recalls insanity defense reform

February 21, 2018 By Rob Burgess
The Indiana Lawyer

Anthony G. “Tony” Kiritsis woke up the morning of Feb. 8, 1977, with a plan.

It unfolded as he walked into Meridian Mortgage at 129 E. Market St. in Indianapolis. He intended to meet proprietor M.L. Hall to discuss a piece of land for which Kiritsis had fallen behind on payments.

But, M.L. wasn’t there. Instead, Kiritsis went into the office of the owner’s son, Richard O. “Dick” Hall.

Kiritsis had a .38 pistol concealed in a sling and another, more elaborate weapon hidden in a suit box. He had modified a sawed-off shotgun with a “dead man’s line” — a wire extended from the trigger to a loop, which Kiritsis placed around the younger Hall’s neck. This ensured that if law enforcement were to shoot Kiritsis during the coming stalemate, the gun pointed at Hall’s head would fire.

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