More startup lawyers are accepting cryptocurrencies as payment

January 26, 2018 By Connie Loizos

A growing number of law firms working with startups are beginning to accept their payment in cryptocurrencies, according to a new report by the trade-focused outlet

The lawyers suggest that they increasingly have no choice. In order to land the growing number of businesses launched by cryptocurrency entrepreneurs, they have to show that they’re invested in what their clients are building. Often, too, the founders’ wealth has been accumulated in bitcoin, which makes it unavoidable.

It’s an interesting shift, and one that’s very reminiscent of service providers who were paid in equity during the go-go days of the late ’90s — a move that paid off hugely for some and far less profitably for others. A practitioner who was paid last year in Bitcoin, for example, would have seen the value of that payment bounce all over the place in recent months if they didn’t cash out of it immediately.

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