"The old argument of local control no longer has the same currency"

Veteran attorney Tom Lee takes quick look at political scene

April 10, 2017
Nashville Post

Tom Lee is managing principal at CivicPoint, a subsidiary of law firm Frost Brown Todd. With more than 30 years of experience as a lobbyist, attorney, litigator, campaign strategist, university educator, journalist. and political analyst, Lee ranks among Nashville’s more well-rounded white-collar professionals. The Post recently caught up with the veteran attorney for a quick chat.

With the session at this point, what are two or three key takeaways?

First is this: The governor doesn't have a vote in the legislature, but he can sure drive the agenda. This year, Gov. [Bill] Haslam has proposed to raise fuel taxes, launch a new round of road projects, subsidize rural broadband development and pass a $37 billion budget. The conversations around these big ideas, the alliances they are building, and the divisions they are creating are rippling through nearly every other legislative discussion — and will continue to do so through the 2018 elections.

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