Blockchain Law with Wags

An Interview with Blockchain Attorney John Wagster

October 10, 2018
The Bad Crypto Podcast

Nashville Member John Wagster, who co-chairs FBT’s Blockchain and Digital Currency Team, was interviewed for an episode of The Bad Crypto Podcast.During the interview, released on October 10, John discusses his team’s early interest in blockchain-enabled cryptocurrency transactions as well as the crypto market’s evolution in the years since, including the emergence and maturation of initial coin offerings and token-generation events. John also emphasizes the need for token developers and purchasers to heed the advice of counsel and the SEC’s own guidance with respect to securities regulations. When asked about the future of the tokenomics, John says that he expects the real value will come from new blockchain applications in such industries as health care, banking, and real estate.

To listen to the episode, “Blockchain Law with Wags,” click here.