Stormwater Discharge Enforcement Initiative

February 16, 2007

Lloyd Cress, the Deputy Secretary of the Kentucky Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet, has announced that U.S. EPA Region IV and the Cabinet will be initiating a stormwater discharge enforcement initiative.  According to Mr. Cress, EPA has determined that enforcement of the requirements to obtain stormwater discharge permits and to implement permit conditions is a priority matter for enforcement.

U.S. EPA Region IV and the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection will be initiating an inspection program to identify unpermitted activities that require a stormwater discharge permit; to conduct inspections of facilities that have been issued a stormwater discharge permit; and to inspect activities being conducted pursuant to a stormwater discharge general permit to determine whether an individual permit should be required.  The emphasis of the enforcement initiative will be on construction and development activities.  Development of strip malls was identified as a particular activity of concern. 

All clients are encouraged to assess whether they are required to have a stormwater discharge permit for their activities, and, if so, to apply for a stormwater discharge permit or submit notice of intent to be subject to a general permit.  Those clients who have been issued a stormwater discharge permit are encouraged to review the conditions of the permit to confirm that their activities are in compliance.

For more information or assistance, contact Dennis J. Conniff at 502.568.0398 or Timothy J. Hagerty at 502.568.0268.

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