City of Cincinnati Launches Tax Amnesty Program

February 9, 2011 By Javan A. Kline, Jeremy A. Hayden
Cincinnati, OH

The City of Cincinnati is offering a Tax Amnesty program from February 1, 2011 through March 31, 2011. The program offers eligible taxpayers the opportunity to pay past due income tax without penalty or interest. It is available to taxpayers that did not file a required return, taxpayers that need to file an amended return, or taxpayers that have an outstanding tax liability. Eligible taxpayers include employers, resident employees, businesses, self-employed individuals, and non-resident employees that work in the City of Cincinnati. If a taxpayer's matter has been turned over to the City's Law Department or a collection agency, the taxpayer may not be eligible for the program.

To take advantage of the program, taxpayers must complete an application, file any required original or amended returns and include full payment for the taxes owed. Applications delivered or postmarked after March 31, 2011 will not be considered for the program. The application and additional details for the program can be found here

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