Unlocking America

Legal Keys to Business Success in the United States


Published by Boggruppen ApS. Aarhus 2012 (ISBN 978-87-92673-13-8)

Even in times of economic slowdown, the United States economy continues to be one of the most fertile for international investment and business expansion. Yet failing to recognize and appreciate the legal and regulatory risks involved when entering U.S. markets can prove to be a costly mistake for European entrepreneurs. This resource draws upon the legal expertise if several leading U.S. attorneys to serve as a legal primer on those areas of U.S. law that are most important to business leaders situated in Europe. From the formation of a U.S. company to the resolution of a potential legal claim, the aim of this book is to provide key legal insights into all areas that are significant to business owners in an easy-to-read outline format. In short, this book is essential for all foreign businessmen and women.