AIK Comp Advisory

July 14, 2005


Upon the Motion of the Frost Brown Todd and Hazelrigg & Cox Interveners, the Franklin Circuit Court has issued an Order granting a continuance of three weeks  to allow for more time to complete discovery and for the Rehabilitator to provide proper required notice to all group members to object to the Reorganization Plan.  The new Hearing date has been rescheduled for September 14, 2005 and group members have until July 29, 2005 to intervene in the proceeding and file objections to the Reorganization Plan.  Failure to intervene and object could cause the group member to lose valuable legal rights.  Copies of the applicable Orders, Plan and Notice can be accessed at or|322037505.

Originally provided in the April 7, 2005 Order and a companion Order tendered to the Court on June 20, 2005, any Intervenor (including but not limited to each former group member, trustee, and officer of AIK Comp that has intervened herein) has until July 15, 2005, to plead, file, and serve on all counsel of record all of its or his/her respective objections to the Rehabilitator’s Plan of Reorganization.

Frost Brown Todd LLC is currently representing the interests of over eighty (80) AIK Comp Members in the Rehabilitation, has been designated pursuant to Court Order as a member of the Group Member Advisory Committee and has asserted claims against certain third-parties on behalf of group members in an action filed in the Franklin Circuit Court.  Should you have any questions or would like to receive information concerning representation, please contact Greg Mitchell or his assistant Cindy Alexander at 859.231.0000 or

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