International Services Group: People

November 8, 2005

Celebrating the FBT-Wahlert Alliance in Stuttgart

(L-R) Horst Teller, Ohio Governor Robert Taft, Jobst von Wahlert, Nicolaus Susta, Joerg Staudenmayer and Joe Dehner. Governor Taft and four FBT attorneys participated in the events announcing the Alliance. Horst, Jobst, Nicolaus and Joerg are with Wahlert.

(L-R) Susan Faller, Janet Bodoh, Judge William Bodoh and Nicole Hudson participated in three FBT-Wahlert seminars in Stuttgart launching the Alliance. Susan, Bill, Nicole and Joe presented at the seminars.

Barry Rosenstock, Director of State of Ohio office in Japan, Joe Dehner of FBT and Samuel Kidder, Chief Commercial Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo at a recent event on "Doing Business with Japan" held in Cincinnati.

(L-R) N. Alex Hara, Vice President, JP Morgan Chase; Ken Kabira, Senior Vice President, National-Louis University; Dave Baeckelandt, President, Chicago Pacific Capital Advisors, Inc.; Joe Dehner of FBT (moderator); David R. Scholl, President and CEO, Diagnostic Hybrids, Inc.; and Tomo Shimizu, Senior Consultant, Hewitt Associates, were the panelists at "Doing Business in Japan."