Ohio Civil Rights Commission Hears Testimony On Its Proposed Changes to Ohio’s Pregnancy Discrimination Regulation

August 3, 2007

Earlier this week, the Ohio Civil Rights Commission (OCRC) held a public hearing concerning its proposed amendment to Ohio’s pregnancy anti-discrimination regulation, O.A.C. § 4112-5-05(G).  On behalf of the Ohio Management Lawyers Association, George Yund, Member of Frost Brown Todd, appeared at the hearing to oppose the amendments to the regulation.

The proposed regulation expands the anti-discrimination statute.  If the proposed regulation is adopted, the most significant changes would include:  

From this point, the proposed regulation will be reviewed by the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review to ensure that the proposed changes do not exceed the OCRC’s rulemaking authority or conflict with existing law or legislative intent.  If approved, the proposed regulation could take effect as early as September.

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